Thursday, November 25, 2010

True Thanksgiving - The Depth of the Cross

I had the very surreal and surprising privilege of hearing Paul Washer live during chapel at The Master's College about a week ago. The second sermon started on Flavel's writings "The Father's Bargain". He built it up with the story of Abraham and Isaac, and then he brought it home with the picture of the cross. Next he said, "And the Father slaughtered Him there!". He paused to look around the room for several moments, and I presume, when he saw nothing but blank stares from the audience as I myself witnessed, he abruptly walked off of stage towards the doors. As he was going out, a couple of people started to clap, and he came out and said, "No, don't!" and walked outside. There was nothing for a minute or two but a bewildered silence. There were some students that were laughing (probably from nerves), some were walking out, and some were waiting to see if he would come back. When it was obvious that he wouldn't come back, more people left except for a handful. As the auditorium emptied, I can see that there were a few huddles of students crying and some were just sitting with their heads down in prayer weeping. As unconventional as Paul Washer was walking off of stage, it brought sadness to my own heart; I as well as most of the people there shared the shame of our apathy for the cross. According to sources on campus, there was salvation that day; praise the LORD!

Below is the link of the two sermons. I hope you'll find the time to listen to these. It has really helped me not only expose my own indifference for the sacrifice that was done for me, but also give me a new thanksgiving for He was not spared.

Here is the first sermon on man's depravity.

This is the second sermon given two days later that I wrote about in the above post.

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