Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Church is for The Church

"It seems that some churches believe that their chief end is to exist." Doug Easton

"The aim of the church isn't to fill the pews with the lost but to fill the community with the gospel. Go!" Diane Lytle

The Church is for The Church

by Josh Miller on February 29, 2012

The church is for the church, it really is that simple. It’s amazing how we don’t truly grasp this truth, though.

In the name of evangelism, we’ve turned the worship service into the seeker service. The gathering of the saints is more focused on the needs of the lost than the worship of the Savior.

Think about it. Our preaching is meant to attract, not instruct. Our programs are meant to entertain, not equip. In nearly every way, our Sunday mornings have been turned into ‘evangelistic’ meetings.

I use Steve Martin air-quotes because, truth be told, this isn’t evangelism.


Because the Church exists to worship. The Lord’s day, the gathering of the saints, is to be a time of worship, not evangelism. Now, sure, sure, there will always be lost people in attendance and the preacher is a charlatan if he doesn’t preach the Gospel to them. But remember, the Gospel isn’t just for lost people, it’s for the saints as well. And Sunday is for the saints to be reminded of the worth and value of the One who is our Gospel.

Evangelism happens when the equipped, edified, instructed, and uplifted church leaves the premises to go live amongst their neighbors, coworkers, friends, and relatives.

Evangelism happens, in other words, outside the building.

Inside, that’s sacred ground. That’s the place of worship. That’s for the saints.

Please, oh please, don’t turn worship into outreach, don’t turn instruction into attracting.

The church is for the church.

The sooner we get this, the healthier we will be.

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