Friday, June 21, 2013

Why is the Doctrine of Regeneration Not Taught?

"What happened to Nicodemus? I’ll tell you what happened. God came down, gave Him life, gave him a new heart, a new soul, washed him, regenerated him. What about the rest of the story? Well, the rest of the rest of the story, you mean? Tradition says that he was the only person who stood up at Jesus’ trial before Pilate and defended Jesus. " ~ John MacArthur

Full Sermon Here

A lot of people probably wonder why I listen to "wild" and "crazy" preachers like Paul Washer and Tony Miano. When it comes down to it, it is because they teach on regeneration which has been lost.  They also preach a biblical Gospel which has also been lost. 

The church in America is mainly made up of Disney smiles and a plastic misrepresentation of Jesus Christ.

"Sunday morning, because of all of this, I would submit to you that it would be better not even to have a Sunday morning. Sunday morning is the greatest hour of idolatry in the entire week of America because people are not worshipping the one true God—the great mass at least—but are worshipping a god formed out of their own hearts by their own flesh, satanic devices and worldly intelligence. They have made a god just like themselves and he looks more like Santa Claus than he does Yahweh.
There can be no fear of the Lord among us because there is no knowledge of the Lord among us." Paul Washer