Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keeper of the Home - The 31 Day Challenge

Who are you? Are you a Mary or a Martha? If you're a Martha type, then you may not need this challenge.
I'm pumped! I hear the lyrics of "Eye of the Tiger" in my mind. I've been reading this wonderful blog on how to clean my home in 31 days. I'm not a natural born cleaner and more of a Mary than a Martha. I'm not a lazy person, but I love to hang out with friends, play with my kids, chat online, cook...anything but clean my house. I want a clean house for the peace of  having a little slice of heaven, but cleaning is boring and tedious to me. Laundry and cleaning the bathrooms are at the bottom of my not-so-favorites. I'm just keeping it real sisters.

Organization is also an issue. Almost everyday I'm looking for my keys or some other important item. Cleaning and organizing goes against my more imaginative and creative grain. Maybe some of you are more the Mary type. Most people I know are Marthas. They don't get us Marys, but I don't get the Marthas either. There is a balance we all need to strive for. I've known women who cleaned to the point of forgetting to feed their kids. I'm not judging here, because I have the problem at the other end of the spectrum.

I'm ready for the 31 day challenge. It's the perfect time since we're at the end of summer and still have a month before school starts. Who is with me? Check out the link below.