Sunday, January 8, 2012

10 Indictments to the Modern Church

I posted this sermon from a pastors conference about a year ago, and I believe it needs a re post. In this day of conventional pragmatism, this is desperately needed in most American churches. I will warn you this is two hours of intense preaching. This sermon brought me to my knees when I heard it for the first time. Please pass this important message along.

Audio and MP3.

Here are a few reviews that will assure you this sermon is well worth your time.

"A superb message! Powerful! Real! Doctrinal! Sincere! Convicting! The doctrinal substance that can be learnt from just listening to this one sermon twice is astonishing. Truly a historic sermon. Praise God!"

"I can't recommend this sermon enough, almost all the issues we are dealing with today, brother Paul deals with. You want to be at a biblical church? Check if the church follows what is talked about from Scripture. Praise God for this message!"

“ A 21st Century 'Ten Shekels and a Shirt'. This message I believe covers some of the most important issues facing the true Church of Jesus Christ in the 21st Century! This message is staggering, shocking, and sobering. There was a stunned silence for 20 minutes after the message was delivered. May God truly see fit to raise up a generation that will go back to the Old Paths of preaching true conversion, preaching against sin, and preaching on the Character of God."