Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To be Self Controlled: I Look to You

The last thing I want to do is come of as some expert or someone who has arrived. All you have to do is spend some time with me and you would find out pretty fast that this is not the case. One of my greatest sin is my lack of self control in many areas of my life. It all can stem from fear of man, not being focused, laziness, selfishness etc., but what it really boils down to is my unwillingness to recognise these things as sin and not depending on God and His word.

As I've grown older, I've struggled with weight more than ever. I need to lose 30 pounds. It's not a lot to some, but the weight hasn't  budge with exercise and various dieting for about 5 years. I will diet for a while, but fall drastically with binging. This cycle has been going on for some time and I get very discouraged with myself.

I dread going to the doctor because I know he is going to get after me for not losing the weight he told me to. I've done Weight Watchers many times, Atkins, South Beach, you name it; I've even tried a free online Christian weight loss program that really points to the sin of gluttony to no avail. I was discouraged by the legalistic regiments, and feeling dizzy from fasting and going on their "liquid days".

I heard a preacher recently mention that gluttony is the same sin in God's eyes as drunkenness. God freed me of drunkenness almost 18 years ago, so this really struck me. He challenged us to pray without seizing and asking God what to eat.  How little I really depend on Him in my day to day life.

Tozar said that, "Christians don't lie, they just sing them." At church we sang "I Need Thee Every Hour". Do I really need Thee every single hour including when I eat? The next time I sing this song, I want the lyrics to be true in my life.

 Below is a video about a woman who has struggled with weight her whole life. She's lost 80 lbs with more to go. She wouldn't of done it without her dependence on God. Get ready for some goosebumps.